silverback_les (silverback_les) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette Selene and discoloration

Hello all! I am the proud new owner of an (almost) brand new Lunette Selene and it is working out quite well so far. I got a small Diva about six months ago and have been joyous ever since. I had been eyeing the Selene because of it's color and it sure is pretty!

Which brings me to my question--My Diva has started to discolor some which is to be expected with a clear cup, but what is the word on how the Selene holds up to discoloration several months (or years) down the line? If my Diva is starting to yellow, does that mean my blue cup will eventually turn green? Or will it keep it's pretty blue color?

Also, I just want to vent that a menstrual cup is the greatest friend a deployed female American Soldier could ever have. Through international traveling, running and sit-ups, long days at the range, convoys, mortar attacks, port-a-potty's, being surrounded by men, bad plumbing, long stretches of time with no shower avaliable and physical and mental stress....cups are a God send! I DON'T KNOW HOW I EVER GOT ALONG WITHOUT ONE OF THESE THINGS! Go cups!!!!
Tags: cleaning - stains, divacup, lunette selene, sports/physical activities, travel
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