haharobots (haharobots) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lost cup!!

So... I lost my small OrangeCup, and I can't find it anywhere!  I usually wear a cup during the day because I have heavy cervical fluid, but I'd been laying off it for a few days.  When I looked for my cup in the usual spot (the shower caddy), it wasn't there.  And it wasn't in my cloth pad stash. I've racked my brain, and torn apart the house, but its nowhere to be found.  Any suggestions on where to look?  What's the weirdest place you've ever left your cup?

I can't even remember the last day I wore it...  really bummed about this, because the small LadyCup is the most comfortable one I have.  I have a backup, but I'm really hoping to recover the OrangeCup.  I'm so mortified that I've lost it somewhere public!  What if it fell out of my bag while I was at work or the gym?  I can't bring myself to check the lost-n-found...lol.  I suspected my cat might have stolen it... though I can't imagine how he'd ever get a hold of it, and I didn't find it in his hoard.  I've also wondered if I absent mindedly flushed it down the toilet.  Crap.

Mebbe I'll just order a LotosCup to replace it.

*edit*  Found it!!  It was in the laundry hamper. :)
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