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The ease of travel

I'm on my third cycle with the cup, but this is my first trip with my cup. And it's great! :)

I'm at a hotel, so it isn't like I'm roughing it, but I love my cup.

Last night while I was packing, it was awesome to not have to pack any feminine products. Worrying about whether I'd packed enough. Nope. Just remembered the cup I was already wearing! :)

But here's the best part: We are up here in Denver at Genghis Con, which is a big gaming convention. Roleplaying, board games, stuff like that. Well, my boyfriend's best friend is flying out from Seattle and is going to room with us at the hotel. Because of my wonderful OrangeCup, there will be no evidence that I'm on my period. Don't have to worry about hiding the tampon in the trash or carrying a tampon in to the bathroom.

I love my cup!!

Also, this is my third cycle, and I haven't leaked yet! :) I've had some of the "leftover" blood that gets stuck to the walls sometimes, but no leaking, no mess, only one bloody mess, but it happened at home so I didn't care, and I love my cup! I feel clean, I feel free, I love it! :)

That is all. :)

Edit: LOL!!! I just bragged about not having any leaks/problems and tonight it was a murder scene!!!!! I don't even think the cup was full, I just think I broke the seal while doing something and I all of the sudden felt wet. I ran to the bathroom and sure enough, my panties were soaked with blood and when I went to remove the cup, my hands were soaked in blood. It was a huge mess! I ended up having to ditch the panties in the bathroom!!! Because I couldn't get back up to the hotel room since I was at the very end of our exciting role-playing game. *laugh*

But it's all ok. Doesn't affect my love of cups. ;)
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