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My Cup Saga

The First Battle - Getting a Cup: I was scared to ask my mother about purchasing a cup, even though we're pretty open about menstruation.  And, as it turns out, I was kind of right to be worried.  She was, to put it frankly, completely grossed out by the idea.  She thought is was completely unsanitary and "if they're so great, why haven't I heard of them already?"  I was pretty dejected but didn't give up.  I brought it up to her again.  And then again.  And then she caved.  Meanwhile, I had been waiting for Lunette's FDA approval, I just had a gut feeling that it was the cup for me.  I finally ordered my Model 1 Lunette from - it was a very easy transaction and it came in about a week.

The Second Battle - Dry Run: I was so excited to get my cup in the mail!  I opened the package up.  I had read about people's first thoughts of "wow, is this really going to fit in me?"  I was prepared for the size of the cup... or so I thought.  I took my cup out and thought "wow, is this really going to fit in me?"  I washed and boiled it and played with folds a bit before attempting a dry run.  I waited until I took a shower and tried insertion.  I got nowhere, I just could not get that thing in there.  I gave up and tried again the next day, this time finding some lube to make the process a little smoother.  It did the trick!  I got the cup situated and left it in for a few hours.  I removed it alright, with a little pain, and found I had even collected some discharge.

The Third Battle - First Use: My cup came soon after a period so I had to wait awhile... I can't remember ever wanting my period so badly [except for my first time... I was a late bloomer]  Anyways, I inserted it okay and things seemed to be going alright.  The stem sticks out a little bit - I guess my cervix sits fairly low.  I was fairly uncomfortable at first, but it was just my regular "agh it feels like my uterus is going to fall out of my vagina" period pain, not cup-related.  I wore a back-up pad but experienced minimal leakage, probably from the residual blood. I emptied it a few hours later when I took a shower... and it was a good thing I was in the shower.  When I got it out it must have popped open after my grip or something... blood spilled out onto the floor and some squirted onto my stomach!  Even after all that, I still had a pretty decent amount in my cup.  It's strange, normally blood totally freaks me out and makes me weak, but my menstrual blood doesn't have the same effect - I guess because I know it's supposed to be coming out of me.  I reinserted easily and went to bed.  I did experience some leaking over night, I think because I filled the cup.

Overall, a success!  I'm so happy I finally have my cup.  I see happiness for years to come (:

My Questions:
Whenever I insert I kind of just shove the cup up there and make sure it unfolds.  I don't exactly check for suction.  I've read about the swirl technique but I can't really figure out how to get up there and swirl.

How do you go about removing your cup without compromising too much capacity or comfort?  I've read about people folding to get it out, but that seems like it would decrease the capacity of the cup by a lot and push some of the blood out.  However, it seems uncomfortable to pull the cup out 'whole.'

The cup sits pretty low in my vagina... the stem pokes out some.  Granted that I'm not really leaking and it's not really uncomfortable, I'm assuming this is okay?
Tags: first time use, removal, seal & suction

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