candyland112 (candyland112) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need Larger Cup for Overnight Use--HELP!

 Hello All!!

Right now I own one cup--a large Lunette (stem completely trimmed). I really do like it. The only problem is that it leaks on me on my heaviest night without fail--and it's significant enough that I wear a backup pad, because AS SOON as I get up, it's LEAK time. I'd like to buy a larger cup to wear overnight, and I've just started looking. I think the large Fleurcup and large Yuuki could be considerations. I was looking at the brand comparisons, and the Large Lunette holds 24 ml to the holes and the Large Fleurcup and Yukki hold 29ml to the holes.

My questions :

(1) Will those few mls make a lot of difference?
(2) Any users of those brands have any insight they can give?

By the way, my cervix isn't particularly low (but my insides do not like stems, so more than likely any stem will be coming off) and I live in the US.

***Even if you don't own these particular brands, any input is appreciated.****

Tags: brand comparisons, fleurcup, yuuki

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