NYCHousewife (nychousewife) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New User With Questions

Ok-hi all
I have a few questions/concerns:

-I ordered a Divacup in size 2 since I am over 30.

My period is due this weekend.

I completed a round of the antibiotic Flagyl for BV on Wednesday morning.

-Will I be able to use my Divacup Friday? Should the infection be pretty much gone since I finished the medication Wednesday of this week here?

-I am worried about insertion.

I have worn Instead cups years ago and liked them.

I do not know which way to start using my cup, but would like to do so in a manner that makes certain there is no leakage or pain from wear.

The instructions say to twist the cup, this , that and the other thing.

I am just so confused!

What is the best way to learn and yet have it work right off the bat?

Tags: first time use

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