Community Cooperation (shirad) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Community Cooperation

Glad to find you all

wish I had thought to look for such a community when I first bought my Mooncup in England.  What a nightmare.  It hurt for the first 3 cycles, and only my stubborn Eco-Green determination kept me using it.  After that (I did have to trim the stem some) I mostly got used to it, but it was expensive -it cost me 30 pounds sterling, so I was dreading having to buy another one here in the US (I lost my cup in the packed luggage that did not make it here).  I never knew that other menstrual cups now exist, and seem to be far cheaper to boot!  Thank you all, and I am very glad to see that girls are able to use them and get advice.  I was too embarrassed to ask for help and I am very glad to see that our culture is now opening up and helping girls and women be more able to talk about these things.

Especially with a cup that can stay in for long periods of time, I worry a bit about toxic shock symdrome if I don't take it out every few hours.  My only problem with my cup seems to be that it leaks when I need to use the loo, but perhaps I am leaving it inserted too low, I just feel afraid to push it in very far despite the stem.  So, I shall read more advice here and am very thankful for all of you brave ladies who post here.

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