I'm not silly, I'm just seriously impaired (relsqui) wrote in menstrual_cups,
I'm not silly, I'm just seriously impaired

All's well that ends well.

Tried the too-big cup, which was okay, but noticeably too big; then got the replacement, which is the right size and has been working out great. I'm about to finish my first cycle with it and the only thing that could make me more pleased with it is if I'd known about it sooner. This got me to thinking. Can I help make more people aware that the option of a cup is out there without sounding a) fanatical (since I know to me that's a huge turnoff), b) invasive (hard to do when talking about other peoples' genitalia), or c) a shill for the cup industry? Well, I love a communication challenge, so I took this one on and wrote an open letter to anyone who has a working female reproductive system (i.e. most women and some non-women). The response has been good so far--I topicked it in a large IRC channel I'm in, tweeted it, and so forth, and have gotten a few quiet "thank you"s and a couple of followup questions. I thought you guys might like to read it, and if you would also like to let people know that cups exist and what they are without having to make a big production of it, feel free to pass on that link, print it out and leave it lying around, etc.

Thanks for all your help!
Tags: activism

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