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New Lunette Color Comming!.... And Men Who Don't Like Cups?

I was catching up on facebook news feeds, and on Lunette's facebook page, they said they  "had an iteresting day at the factory", and when fans guessed that it was a new cup color, they confirmed "yes" and told them to "stay tuned".  So it looks like it won't be long before there is another lovely Lunette to lust after :)  If I hear anything else, I will update (or someone else could, if they hear it faster than I do, lol).  

I also saw that they anounced a "spread the word" campaign, to encourage all their facebook fans to tell everyone they know about Lunette and become one of their facebook fans.  Its says that for every 500 new  fans, they will randomly draw fan names for a lunette gift package.  So if anyone with a facebook wants to jump on board, here is Lunette's fan page:!/pages/Lunette-menstrual-cup/6408058249?ref=nf

EDIT:  Just wanted to add this too, found it last night. 

I saw a video on YouTube, about a guy totally freaking out about cups, and a woman's nature in general.  I think its so sad...  For one thing, we take care of our periods in the bathroom, out of sight.  So why should any man care how we do it??  Its our business, not theirs.  lol.  I'm glad my husband is so much more relaxed than this guy.  My man actually asked me to show him my cup once, because he had never seen the blood before.  Anyway, here is the link to his video, what do y'all think?  
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