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After talking non-stop (and somewhat lamenting) about how excited I was that I was going to start using cups but I wasn't going to get a cup in time for my period, my wonderful friend went to a local healthfood store and bought me a divacup! (Yay for friends!) I was able to start using it when I got back to my house from classes on Wednesday. Here's how everything played out:

Day 1: I was REALLY nervous about trying it out my first time, but things went beautifully! The DivaCup was a little too long so I trimmed the stem. When that wasn't enough I flipped it inside out. I tried inserting using the c-fold and the punch down fold (I want to do the origami, but I couldn't manage to fold it correctly-- practice makes perfect!) and both worked out okay. Since it was late afternoon I didn't really do much for the rest of the day. Before my boyfriend came over I was in the shower, I used the punch down fold and everything was sealed up tight. When we went to lay down I felt a small "pop" and got up to readjust. I had lost suction but I didn't worry and I just reinserted it and all was well. I did realize during day one that my cup was inserted incorrectly due to serious cramping and pain, but i got that all readjusted.

Day 2: My ceiling started leaking so I took the day off from school to wait around for the landlord to come fix it. Once again, even though I was pretty inactive except for cleaning the house, everything went smoothly. I did have more trouble inserting it, but I soon realized that if I got the outside of the cup wet with water it was much easier to insert.

Day 3: This was the day I was worried about in previous posts. I take a modern dance class and I was worried that the cup would lose suction/leak during class. I had NO problems whatsoever.

Day 4: I am so used to cups now that I wish I had started using them a LONG time ago. As things progress I suppose I'll try different folding techniques, but for now I'll stick with the c-fold.

If anyone is worried about trying cups, don't stress! I think that when someone stress out about using cups it makes things WAY more challenging. Thank you to this wonderful forum for helping me make the jump to cups.
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