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Tomato sauce stains???

Hi people,

Ok, I don't think THIS question has been asked here before...I just boiled my Diva cup, which I normally do at the end of every cycle before storing it for the month. Well, last night I had spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I washed the sauce pan really well this morning....or so I thought. After the 20 minutes, I removed my cup only to find it has a distinct yellow tone all over it!!! It used to have some blood stains around the rim, but this is distinctly tomato-related, like how your tupperware gets stained if pasta sauce is in it. it safe to use?? Based on tupperware experiences, I don't think anything will get this staining out, and my vagina is pretty irritable so I don't want to use soap on the cup, but I also don't want to put the cup back in if it, like, has tomato residue on it! So, do you all think I need to get a new cup, or shall I just move on and embrace my new, technocolor yellow Diva???

This whole thing is so ridiculous, I'm kind of laughing, except at the thought of spending another $35 for a new cup!
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