Анастасия (stasya_s) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ladycup and Egypt vacation

I'm happy - my Ladycup saved my vacation this time! :)
I went for 10 days new year holidays in Egypt, and it was a flight from cold winter (-30 degrees Celsius) to hot summer (+30).
On the second day of the vacation my period had started. It usually lasts for 6 days, so imagine how could I feel without my cup - no swim (or only a little), no long trips for sightseeing.
Ladycup works great. I swam in the sea, snorkled, had a first time diving - no leakages, no water in the cup when I removed it. I was in a 24-hour trip to Cairo and had 12-hour ascent to Moses Mountain (2000 m heigts) - emptied it when an opportunity presented itself, only once in 8-12 hours, in public bathrooms, and there were no mess, not more than with tampons.
You may be know that piped water in Egypt is not pure, it's not recommended to use it for cleaning your teeth. So I used a toilet paper and bottled pure water to clean the cup. But a couple of times I rinsed it in the sink out of habit - and I'm still alive :D

*sorry for my English and hello from snowy Russia ;)
Tags: cleaning - public, lady cup, sports/physical activities, travel

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