Mintra95 (loucheena) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ok, Here's My Follow-up Story!

First off, thanks everyone for the really nice and awesome comments from my last post!

Day 1: I didn't use the cup that day, because I had stayed up the night before due to I just decided to rest.

Day 2: I inserted the cup,and after I had relaxed it went in pretty easily!
A couple of hours later, I tried to remove it, but it took about 10 minutes. Mainly because I was panicking about not being able to remove it, and of course I got it out, but I didn't want to insert it again, because I was still afraid I wouldn't be able to remove it. I didn't have any leakage though!

Day 3: I got ALOT better at insertion and removal! This time, it only took me under 30 seconds to remove it, and removal was almost painless! The day before, I was trying a couple of different ways to remove it, but in the end, I figured out that the best way for me to remove it is just by grabbing the base and twisting a little. I only inserted it twice, but I wore it to bed, and no leakage!(Day 3 is the last day of my cycle though, so there wasn't much blood)

Day 4;' I usually have spotting, so I put in the cup this morning(I had to take it out a few times, because the stem kept poking me,so I ended up cutting 2/3rds of it off,and I never thought I'd cut it off, but it still easy to remove, and that's just plain awesome!), wore it to pe class with a pad, and no leakage! There was some residual blood on the pad,but I ended up throwing it away!

So overall, I think that cups are awesome! I'll probably use a pad or two on my first day of my next cycle,just to be safe, but I don't think I'll need it! Also, I can't feel the cup at all(except for the stem sometimes), and I don't have any problems like the frequent urge to pee, or the suction breaking when I do a bowel movement. Oh yeah, and regarding my other post where I was worried if the cup would fall out, now that I use one, I KNOW it can't fall out XD
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