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brand new dermatitis and cleaning questions


First of all if this topic has come up, I apologize for repeating. I searched the term "dermatitis" and didn't seem to find anything, although I am new to LJ and not quite sure yet if I might have missed something.

I have been following the community for several weeks now, and have decided to switch to a cup mainly because I have extremely sensitive skin and have been having irritation from disposable tampons and pads for years. I have not even worn a tampon in years due to this problem. After thinking I had a chronic yeast infection, and seeing my obgyn, having a biopsy taken from my labia (ouch!!) and finally being told I have contact dermatitis, I have switched to only organic cotton underwear, not using any soap anywhere near my genitals, and very begrudgingly using Always pads. Now I think was I insane? How could it take me this long to search for an alternative!? Anyway, here I am, and I have ordered myself a Ladycup which has yet to arrive. Still I already have a question....

Cleaning. I am wondering if I must use soap to clean my cup or if plain water is ok... I have not yet found a soap or cleansing product that doesn't irritate my genital skin. Even lubes can do it, and I have to double rinse my laundry to make sure I get all the soap out. I've never had a problem with silicone (in sex toys and such), so I don't anticipate one with the cup, but I am wondering about the most gentle way to keep it clean and sterilize it without exposing myself to anything that might cause my dermatitis to flare up. I am truly insanely sensitive, and even the products that people suggest to me for people with sensitive/allergic skin are still often too irritating. So, can I just use plain water, and then boil it once a month? Hence, never coming into contact wth soap at all? Or is that just not clean enough...

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