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Lessons Learned...

I had a rather stupid and embarrassing moment this weekend which I chalk up to having been sore and exhausted (excuses, excuses XD). I was away for a concert and had been on my feet all day, which I'm not used to anymore, so when I got back to the hotel I decided to take a nice long bath. Since I had my period, I was wearing my cup, and I had used the restroom and dumped the contents and then waited for my husband to shower before taking my much needed bath.

Foolishly, I left my cup in, and saw no need to dump it again before going to bed.

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up with a feeling of wetness and I was thinking I was leaking, so I rolled out of bed and felt a ton of liquid bubbling on out. Walking as quickly as I could to the bathroom while trying to keep everything under control, I turned on the light and... It wasn't blood. Confused, I sniffed at it, wondering how I could have possibly wet myself without noticing, and how I most certainly was not urinating when I'd stood up and got all kinds of wet, and found it was completely odorless. Pulling out the cup, I stared at it in confusion as it was filled with clear liquid tinted pink from the small amount of blood in it.

In my foggy state of mind, it took me about a full minute of staring at it to realize that it was just water. From the bath. WHOOPS. I felt so dumb... At least I didn't leak on the bed at all.

And on somewhat of a side-note, a (rather long) question.

I'm rather susceptible to UTIs, which I've had under control for some time now, but I got my first one in a couple years this past week. I'm wondering if perhaps it was caused in part by my cup. I usually use my small LadyCup, but when my period really gets going, it doesn't keep its suction for me, so I switch to the large, which is, well, large for me when it comes to insertion. I'm wondering if I'd rubbed things raw and allowed bacteria to be introduced, though I've used my large quite a bit before without this happening.

I was thinking of trying out the Lunette, but I'm wondering if it would be good for me after all since the small isn't much larger than the small LadyCup and the large has the same width as the large LadyCup. Looking at the size chart, I'm guessing my best bet would be either a small Yuuki, MPower, or small MCUK, with the only problem being that I live in the US so that limits me further. I like the squishiness of the LadyCup, and I'm wondering what my best option might be amongst those since I don't really know how they compare.

I'm also wondering if maybe just folding my cup for insertion a different way might solve my problem without having to purchase a new cup. As of right now, I just use the c-fold, which works well enough for positioning, really the only problem I have is that the cup is just a bit too big when I insert it. I've figured out a way to remove it without having the same issue, but it doesn't really work the other way around.

Sorry for the rambling, and thanks in advance! ^^
Tags: uti (urinary tract infection)

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