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thinking of buying a ladycup

The keeper is the only cup that I have ever tried, and I love it for the most part. I bought the keeper before I knew there were so many cups to choose from, and I am now realizing that there could be another better suited for me. My issues with the keeper are: unable to BOIL!, occasional leakage on heavy days, the firmness of the cup can be uncomfortable during insertion, and I feel that the color may hide buildup and nastiness. 

I'm thinking the large lady cup might keep up with my flow better, and possibly be more comfortable. I am concerned that the ladycup will be too slick to remove. I do at times struggle to remove the keeper and can't imagine a more difficult cup. 

Has anyone here tried both of these cups? How do they compare? I'd love to here your thoughts!

Tags: brand comparisons, keeper, lady cup

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