upgradable (upgradable) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Talked with my daughter's friends

Last night my daughter and six of her friends (ages 15-17) had a big pajama party at our house. I'm close with her and her friends, so when the conversation turned to their periods, I pulled out my cup and told them all about it. They were much more intrigued than horrified, so I'm hopeful.

My daughter is planning on trying it as soon as we choose one for her. I've given her the info to read, and am waiting for her to fill me in on her "internal explorations."

I would like some input on cups that you experienced folk would recommend for young girls who are virgins. Although I know that size is a personal consideration, I think that ease of insertion/removal and the least pain possible will really by more important than capacity at this point.

Could you give me some suggestions for them? I'm thinking the ball stem would be comfortable. Also squishiness for comfort. Please help me out. Thanks!!

Tags: buying decisions, family & friends, virginity
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