Shandra (_alldeliberate) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is it really full?

This is my first cycle with a cup and I'm having some leaking issues. I have a meduim MeLuna, which I think fits me very well. The thing is, it will start to leak, but when I take it out the cup is only about 1/3 full. The holes on a MeLuna are very close to the top and there is a significant amount of space between how full it is and where the holes are. I can feel the bubbly, squishy sensation of blood not going in the cup and sure enough when I check it's leaking. What would cause it to leak when not actually full? Is it possible my cervix is taking up too much room inside of it? Is it not suctioned on properly? Sometimes it will hold more without leaking, but I can never tell when it will hold a lot and when it won't. Any ideas?
Tags: leakage & spotting
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