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Pretty much a dream first run, EXCEPT for uncomfortable removal

Background:  I am 38, 2 kids (vaginal deliveries), have a fairly low cervix and fairly light flow, and had previously used a cervical cap years ago so am pretty familiar with my lady bits.  I just learned about cups recently (and have been wishing I'd known about them sooner!!!) and quickly decided I wanted one.  Tons of research later (this community is so fantastic!) I bought a large LadyCup (blue) and a small Yuuki off eBay.  The LadyCup arrived just before my period, the Yuuki on Day 1.  So I put in the LadyCup the morning I expected my period (origami fold worked beautifully for me), and wore it all day at work.  The stem poked me a little bit, but not too badly, and I didn't want to cut it off in case I decided I preferred the Yuuki.  Removed it using more brute force than grace when I got home, turned out my period hadn't arrived yet, so decided to give it a rest overnight and try it again the next morning.  My cervix apparently had gotten a bit lower before that second run, because the stem poked me *all day*.  When I got home, I realized that what it had been poking all day was my urethra, which had swollen up like a little pink pea and felt pretty uncomfortable.  (On the bright side, my period had arrived during the day, with no leaking and minimal cramps!)  I briefly tried the Yuuki, and wow, those grip ridges were not working for me.  So I took a deep breath, chopped the stem entirely off the LadyCup, put it back in, and was off to the races...

EXCEPT, removal is still uncomfortable for me, mainly because the rim tends to press against my urethra on the way out.  I am able to pinch the base between thumb and finger and gently pull it down while bearing down in a squatting position, and what I have been doing the last couple of removals is inserting one finger of the other hand when the rim is just above my urethra to sort of C-fold it away from my urethra, then rock it out.  Since I am only changing every 12 hours, I've been able to do it in the shower, so I am not particularly concerned about mess (and it hasn't actually been that messy).  But I am wondering if you folks who have been using cups longer than I have could suggest an easier way to accomplish this goal of avoiding pressure on my urethra during removal.  What I am doing helps but not 100%, and it feels really awkward.

P.S.  Today I became a FB fan of "LadyCup, PinkCup and others" (it's not an active page, but I figured friends might see that I had fanned it and learn something) and posted a status update linking to this community and telling all my female friends that cups are something they ought to at least be aware of, because I sure wish someone had told me earlier that cups were an option.  I probably TMI'ed most of them, but still, I feel like I don't want to be the friend that knew about this all along but didn't tell people how awesome it is.  (Turns out one of my friends has been using--and loving--a Diva for years...I feel a bit betrayed...)  Thank you all for turning me on to cups and giving me so much helpful information and inspiration!
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