Mintra95 (loucheena) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I Finally Did It!!!!! and I'm Only 14!!! ( well, 15 in march)

I inserted my menstrual cup!!! I've been trying for about 3 months,amd it finally went in! I wasn't even having my cycle, so it went in on a dry run! I didn't let go of the fold though,because I'm still a little scared too, but it went in VERY easily,which was just plain shocking! The reason I couldn't insert it before, I figured out, was because I kept aiming to high,so I was just hitting flesh, I thought it was hurting because my body wasn't used to anything going in there. It's such a relief now though, because I sorta didn't think I'd ever be able to insert it! I was so happy I was dancing around and stuff,lol (well,I was trying to, but I was in the bathroom,so I didn't have much room) Thanks to the whole community! Because if there hadn't been so many tips here, I probably would've given up on cups (especially since my first cup was a diva, and I have a low cervix but I would've never known that if I hadn't found the community,so THANK YOU!!)

UPDATE: My cycle didn't start yet, but when it's over,I think I'll post a follow-up story!
Tags: age, success stories
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