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Bloody beginning

This is the long story of my first few rather uncomfortable experiences with the Mooncup. I got my Mooncup B early this January. Before having one bought for me, I asked the company nurse if a virgin who can only put in one finger comfortably and who finds it painful to take out a tampon (even when it's soaked with blood) can use the Mooncup and I was told yes. So I got one, mainly because I still need to use pads/napkins/towels for my light flow days (because even 8 full hours I sometimes pull out a mostly white tampon) and pads give me rashes. The environmental aspect is also very attractive, not to mention the fact that it's a one-time expenditure.

When I saw the Mooncup, I thought "uh-oh, it's huge". With the c-fold, it's as big as all the tips of my fingers put together.

I tried putting it in a few times while lying in bed but it hurt a lot (I tried the c-fold, the punchdown and the 7-fold). The other night, I was determined to make it work and followed the recommendation of squatting (I didn't do this earlier because I didn't want to get up, haha, Jan is cold!) and pushed it in determinedly despite the pain. I used the 7-fold because it seemed to have the best possibility among the ones I tried.

I succeeded and felt triumphant but as I put up my hand I saw I had blood all over my fingers. I looked down and saw blood dripping on my bed. I immediately went to the bathroom and poked around a bit carefully coming out with a bloody finger (with some tissue) each time. It seemed the cup had flattened in with the stem poking out. I succeeded in pulling it out again with some pain. There was blood and tissue all over the outside of the cup but the inside was clean and dry. I got up to wash the cup and between my legs was a small pool of blood and tissue (maybe 7" in diameter). There goes my hymen. I had no idea I would bleed so much. There was some tissue hanging out when I looked with a mirror after rinsing but I didn't want to poke my finger in quite so soon.

Anyway, there was a bit of blood whenever I went to the loo but nothing alarming. I decided to get a days rest before trying again. So tried again last night and insertion was once more a bloody. Removal was painful and frustrating and was taking a lot longer than the first time, maybe because there wasn't as much blood lubricating the outside. I also thought maybe there was blood because my period is about to start (I'm not very regular). So I decided to take it out in the morning. I succeeded in removal after a long time trying. It hurt though I heard the suction breaking. It's just too big for comfort, I guess, although it's the smaller size. I couldn't grab the base because trying to put another finger was too uncomfortable. I can only put a finger in at the back. The stem seems to poke forward at the front and the base flattened. When I took it out after around 6 hours of sleep, there was blood around the outside of the cup and a light brown fluid and mucous inside. Maybe some of the older blood from the other day?

One more thing, when I was feeling around inside, it felt flattened, not popped out round. Maybe I didn't put it in high enough.

I hope I work it out before my period because I really want to be able to use the Mooncup. After all, it was a rather expensive purchase for me.
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