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cramps due to suction...?

Hello, ladies! I just got my first cup (a Divacup) and I felt the need to share how HAPPY I am with it! (as well as ask some of the usual newbie questions).

I've been a regular tampon user for as long as I've had periods, but we always run out at inconvenient times, and sometimes they don't go in right... and pads and I just Do Not Get Along. I will bleed around pads, usually soaking my underwear/pants and leaving the pad a pristine white. So when I spotted the Divacups at our local Whole Foods while shopping, I got really excited. (It helped that I had started my period just the day before!) I boiled it and popped it in when I got home and went to bed, and for what was pretty much the first time ever woke up with no leaking. NONE. I had even worn a backup pad to bed and it was untouched!

The only problem is placement. I seem to have the same problem a lot of other women here have; if I put the cup in too high, I start cramping. And my regular cramps are pretty bad, so these tend to be painful enough that I get nauseous. Worse, the cup's suction sometimes gets really strong and it starts to "ride up", causing the same thing. It always seems to happen after I'm very active (nothing like walking fifteen minutes away from the nearest bathroom only to realize that the cup isn't sitting right and you are t-minus 10 seconds away from cramps that will take an hour to go away!) or after I fall asleep. This is pretty weird; I usually can't touch my cervix at all unless I tie myself into knots, and my fingers are about the same size as the cup (which sticks out of me slightly when I've got it put in comfortably, even when turned inside out). The way the cup sticks out is another issue; while it's not bad while I'm sitting for a while, it definitely feels a little uncomfortable when I'm walking (kind of like a dry tampon that didn't go in all the way- ugh).

I'm thinking either I need to get used to it more so it can sit higher, or maybe I need a cup that is shorter/has less suction. What do you ladies think?
Tags: cramps, divacup, seal & suction, teething troubles
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