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Passing Out on Insertion?

Hi again...Sorry about this, but I was at my doctors yesterday, and I was talking to her about the Menstrual Cup, and seeing what her opinion on it was...I've heard a lot of women say that their doctors don't know what one is, so I was really shocked when she knew exactly what I mean't, AND, some have also said that their doctor's didn't know that their cervix moved back and forth during their period, but mine did, so I was really, really pleased with that.
So I kinda bombarded her with a lot of questions, and if you read my first post in this community, I asked if anyone had ever felt for their cervix, and right after that, started getting light headed and almost pass out...Well, I told my doctor about it, and she explained to me why and how it happens, and she said that some women can't wear cups/tampons, because they bump those nerves, and it makes them really light headed.
The term that my doctor used to called Vagus Relfex, or Vagovagal episode....And I was wondering, do any of you ever have that happen to you? Because I don't want to buy a cup, and then realize that I can't use it....This episode of lightheadedness, has only happened to me twice, and both times I was in the shower, so my doctor said that I was already Vagovagal ready (Something with heat and pores, I was listening halfway at that moment) and so I'm just wondering has this happened to any others? And does it happen everytime you insert one?

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