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Figuring out how to get started

I'm a 47 year old wife and mother who is in the thick of peri-menopause. I finally had it day 4 into my cycle this month when I was washing out my second piece of clothing in four hour time frame. I went out to the store, found the Instead disposable cups, came home and started researching. Here's how the week transpired....

Okay, I finished the week with the Instead and was pretty pleased on the whole. I had no problems with leaking (though I missed the heaviest days). I can imagine that removal would be quite messy with any volume in there. I initially had difficulty "hooking" the front of the ring up and over the pubic bone. And I found myself having to waddle to the sink with my drawers around my ankles to wash up before zipping up. Not very convenient if in a public bathroom. I DO have to give two thumbs up with comfort!! I find disposable items (pads and tampon) cause my tissues to become very sensitive when used. This was much kinder to my fleshies!

I received my Lunette today, unfortunately too late to road test. But I was still so excited about the prospects that I decided to give it a test run. Had a bit of a coordination challenge with things. Do I hold it with my left hand, with my right, do I need both? Well I finally got her in place and I was quite surprised that I could not feel it. I don't know what I was expecting? I guess I imagined wedging a piece up Tupperware up my whooha. This was nothing like that. Confession... I find tampons frequently uncomfortable, chafing and trying to peek out when they're supposed to be taking care of business! But neither the end of the cup or the stem are bothering me at all.

Pinching together on the bottom of the cup with my thumb and middle finger, then kind of wiggling it back and forth brought it down enough that I could kind of fold in the top to remove it comfortably. Dry run seems to be successful!! Now I can hardly wait for the opportunity to try it for real!!

Let's hear it for the Upperwear Tupperware!!


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