lovelong22 (lovelong22) wrote in menstrual_cups,

9 months, and it still only works half the time.

So, I have had a small diva cup for about 9 months, and am still having troubles with it for the two heaviest days of my period. I've been thinking about getting a new cup, but I'm not so sure. I'd like to know what the problem is first.

So, basically, it rides up, and then leaks. If it sits so that the end ( I completely took of the stem) is just inside the opening, ti works great. It's comfortable and doesn't bug me at all. It works if I'm not doing anything other than walking and sitting. If I do any squatting, or running, or stretching or, well anything, it moves. Though, it only moves sometimes. It is much more likely to move on my heaviest day ( 'cause it's wetter?), but even so, some of those days I CAN get it to stay. I can tell if it's going to stay because when I put it in and push it up, it is really hard to move,l and won't actually go any further. I can usually achieve this through letting the cup open first, then pushing it up all the way up, then pulling it back down and half out, then pushing back up untill it stops. If it works properly, it will be firmly in the very lowest place. Though this process thakes a lot of time, effort, and doesn't work 100%

I have tried turning my cup inside out, but it just rides up further, and is harder to get out. I have tried different folds, I find the punch down fold works the best, but it still isn't a sure thing. I've tried putting it in after running it under cold water so that it's stiffer, and warm water so that its more flexible. I've tried in the shower, but that just makes it ride up more. Also, the stifness of it seems to work better.

If anybody has any suggestions on how to make it work better, what the problem might be, or which cup might be better, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm really tired of it.

Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting

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