froreal3 (froreal3) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Frustrated with Lunette

I think I'm going to get a different cup. I've been using cups for a few years. I know how to use one, and I've had this Lunette for going on two years now. It's never worked properly for me. I started out with a small MCUK which was good. Then I gave birth two years ago and I got a Lunette (when they only had one size) because I wanted a larger capacity. The thing always leaks on me. I recently found my old MCUK and it does much better than the Lunette. I don't know why. Maybe the MCUK is stiffer? I tried inserted the Lunette more horizontally and it still leaks when it's not even full! It's really annoying me right now. I can't find my MCUK this cycle (again) and have to rely on this unreliable Lunette.

Are there any better cups out there for me? Any ideas as to why the MCUK works better for me?
Tags: buying decisions, leakage & spotting, lunette
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