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Scared to let it pop...and let it go


I'm a 30 year old non-virgin and this is my second cycle where I'm attempting the cup.....unsuccessfully. :(  My first cycle I deemed myself to scared of my own body (I don't normally like inserting things, bf being an exception), so I put the cup aside and gave myself time to explore me and get a bit more comfortable going inside.  Through this exploration I found i can't reach my cervix, and I felt how my bearing down and kegeling muscles work.  Good start I thought.

Well, here we are now, cycle 2.  I found the 7 fold is the easiest for me to get it inside, but I am scared to let it pop open.  I'm scared to let go of the stem fearing it will disappear into the void and never come out.  I'm scared of suction and any pain that might come with.  I'm scared I can't get it out.  I'm just plain scared.

Do you smart ladies out there have any advice to alleviate my fears and try again?  I really want to get this to work. I really don't like tampons but have had to put up with them on occasional swimming outings.

I'm currently travelling South America where tampons are harder to find too.  Hence my choice to switch to the cup.  And having my bf the only one to talk to doesn't help as he doesn't want to hear it.....boys!

A little help please.

PS: I have a lady cup
Tags: first time use, popping open, removal

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