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Turning inside out... and... the "plunger method" :-D

Two questions/comments.

1: How many of you use your cup inside out on a permanent basis? It was the ONLY way I could get my small Diva to work and the only thing that kept me from giving up on cups altogether. Now that I've gotten past the learning curve and feel pretty comfortable with my cup I decided to turn it back right side out just to see what the issues really were. Well for one it's apparently just too long (I knew this because even inside out it's a bit long). For two, I can't STAND the shape of this cup. Right side out the Diva comes to a very definite, narrow point. In addition to that it has very prominent grip rings. The problem I am experiencing is that due to the length and the shape of the base of the cup the bottom part is either partially out or just sitting right at the entrance to my canal and it is driving me INSANE. I think the things I really love about turning it inside out are: it's not sticking outside of me due to the length, I don't feel these annoying grip rings, and the base of the cup when inside out is very flat and square and thus it just sits blocking the entrance/exit and I don't feel it a bit.
So, those of you that wear your cup inside out, can you ever wear it the "right way" or do you deal with these issues as well?
Are there cups that have a "squarer" or flatter bottom than a Diva or at least equivalent to the Diva turned inside out? Something wide enough across at the bottom to feel similar to an inside out Diva to me? I think this is an inside out Diva on Kuradi's avatar here:
Compared to right side out:
Can anyone think of a cup (hopefully one short than an inside out Diva) that has a base similar to that? Has anyone that's worn the Diva inside out used other cups right side out successfully? Help... :-)

2: I have always had some difficulty getting my cup to open. I can't get it to open if I try to let it open at the entrance (it just stays sucked in half like a crescent moon). If I push it back until the rim is just beyond my pubic bone I have trouble reach it without bearing down. So I've been forced to try all sorts of different things to get it to open. Just recently I discovered the "plunger method". ROFL!! I literally just grab the base and push and pull like I'm plunging. Sometimes it opens right away, others it takes a few moments (during which I feel like I have some suction going on, but nothing unpleasant at all) but nonetheless it almost always gets it to open and I NEVER leak when I do it this way. Whacky... I know. But hey, if it works. Anyone else try something like this before? What sorts of other creative methods do you have to trick your cup into opening?

Yay for the weekend!!

(Oh and I would cut this... but I don't know how. *blushes*)
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