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Diva versus the Lunette

 Hi! I have been using my small Diva for about a year now and have decided to get a new cup! The only problems I had with the Diva was slight leaking throughout my period. Also a few times it was uncomfortable (as in it felt too big and was setting on my urethra/bladder) but this was normally fixed by my readjusting the cup. I'm fairly certain that I have a high cervix throughout my entire period. I was able to use a Diva for so long and that is one of the longer/ larger cups so it's my understanding that I could wear pretty much anything. I am a sexually active 22 year old who has not had any children yet. 

For my next cup I was looking at the Lunette, but I'm not sure what size to get. As for flow, normally I don't fill my Diva but there have been times when I have so I think I'd just feel more comfortable with a medium or large capacity cup. Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone made the switch to a small Diva to a Lunette? I'm so lost right now! 

PS. I live in the States, which makes getting a fairly cheap cup next to impossible. Does anyone know where I could get a lunette for less than 57 dollars on 

Thanks for all your help! 
Tags: buying decisions, divacup, lunette

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