kk (shiningbanana) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Air going through/past cup?

So I posted a few days ago after I got my cup, and today was my first official day on my period. I had some leakage at night, but I'm thinking maybe that was because I put it in before my period began, or from an odd sleeping position or something. The day's gone perfectly so far, no leaks.
This is the weird part though: I noticed that when lying on my back (legs up, bent at the knee) I can sort of suck air in and out of my vagina, even though the cup's in there. I've always been able to do that in certain positions, not sure if that's normal or not, but does the fact that I can do it mean it isn't sealed, or possibly isn't sealed at that angle? No noticeable leakage or anything once I sat up.
It's not really a problem, just something I thought was odd.
Tags: first time use, seal & suction

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