slenderstar (slenderstar) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Question about small meluna

Hi everyone,

I'm glad to see this community is so active!
Anyway, I recently purchased (but have not yet had the opportunity to try) a small, stemless, blue meluna. I was a bit surprised to see that the cup was kind of oval in shape, and though I can kind of squish it into a circular shape, it seems to "prefer" being an oval. Is this normal? does this at all change the ways in which I should insert it? (i.e. should I have the longer sides of the oval being parallel to the sides of my vaginal walls?) or, is the cup just supposed to be oval but continue to function the same?
Also, about suction. I used to use a small lady cup (and still do sometimes), and felt it shift slightly when I was having a bowel movement or baring down. I have been told that even the most constipated woman probably wouldn't manage to get the meluna out of her!! I'm not worried about removal, but am just wondering what peoples' experiences have been.
Thanks in advance!
Tags: meluna, sizes/size issues
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