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Mooncup UK To USA On eBay -- And Divacup Cleaning Trick?


Sorry for posting again so soon, but I REALLY wanted to share this possible Mooncup UK to USA source!  Also the Divacup cleaning trick I think I might have stumbled on.  If the Mooncup source is really what I think, then I’m sure this will get policed soon, so take advantage of it while you can, everyone!  I normally don't post sources in public, but the eBay ones usually dont' last anyway, so...


It looks like some eBay sellers might be offering Mooncup UK to the USA.  I checked the shipping terms, and it says “ships to worldwide” and there are price calculations for US shipping.  If you want one, better try an order now, lol.  Here are their pages, it says they each have more than 10 available.  If you ask the seller and they confirm, please leave a comment below.  Here are the pages, one is for size A, the other for size B:


Also for the cleaning thing mentioned in the title:  I have no idea why, but for the first time in a whole YEAR, I removed my Divacup today, and it was suddenly stained.  It was because I left it in for like…  9 hours, when I usually empty it ever 4 hours.  I was like “Oh no, my stain-free record has been crushed…”

I never soak my cups in solutions…  So I tried cleaning with extra diva wash, and even a tooth brush (very gently).  It didn’t work.  So then I tried drizzling a little diva wash on a terry cloth wash rag, and scrubbing REALLY hard wherever I saw a dark staining, and-- BINGO!  After a minute or so, the stains came right out!

Not sure if its Divacup’s material, the diva wash, or just the hard scrubbing with the terrycloth material.  But it worked.  Its almost like new again.  So I just wanted to share that with everyone, because it could be a safer way to get stains out.  Actually, it makes me wonder-- are these really stains?  Or does this mean its just blood residue?  I was wondering-- could someone else with some staining on their cup try it too, and let me know what happens (with whatever soap they have)?  I really want to know if it’s the rag, the material, or the wash.  Maybe see if it will work with any other brand?  The other thing is, I got to it right away, as soon as I noticed the staining, so I hope letting a stain remain too long doesn’t make it too much harder.  TIA.


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