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getting a second cup

Okay, so I am trying to decide on a second cup and I need some help..

I currently have a small Lady cup. Love it. (I have only ever tried a Mooncup US.) Unfortunately, on a lot of days I find the volume to be too small. I'm just wondering if I list the qualities I do and do not like in a cup if you guys could help me pick a second cup? (I don't really have a lot of margin of error on this because I don't have the money for multiple tries.)

I like the softness of the Ladycup and the smoothness. The mooncup US actually seemed to cause tearing (I think it it was the rim-- you know it is a "narrow body" design versus the "hoop skirt" design of the lady cup? I think it was the squareness of the lower rim on the mooncup that got me.) I liked the stem on the mooncup better because it seemed squishier (and longer) and more comfortable. The ladycup stem kept pinching me and I wound up having to cut it off. I can do without a stem, but I really liked having one. (I think it might have been a combination of the texture on the stem and the length-- it might not have pinched if it was just a tinsy bit longer.)

So, what I am wondering is if I go up to the medium meluna will the volume be so much better that it is worth going up? People who had pinching/poking problems with the ladycup (or any other cup) stem-- was the meluna ball or loop any better for you? What about a diva (I've heard mixed reviews)? I am concerned about going up to a large size of anything just because I think I am kind of small (part of my problem with the rim on the mooncup- I am a 20 year old virgin), but I really would like a significant change in volume (otherwise it doesn't really seem worth the investment).

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