Nickerockers The Mighty (pepperoni86) wrote in menstrual_cups,
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cups: watertight to 30m

Hey all, I got my period yesterday, which was exciting because I went scuba diving today and got to test it out. I spent 6 hours on or in the water, doing two dives to 30 metres and snorkeling in between, and im happy to report I completely forgot about my cup. No leaks, no wierd feeling with the pressure changes, and a completely hassle free scuba period. Not to mention no aggressive sharks sniffing out my blood... just some friendly ones cruising about. Im pretty happy that I didn't have to think about my period at all, and I also reached a personal depth record, which is awesome!

So for anyone who is curious, cups and scuba diving is great! My next test is sky diving with it in... for science, of course.
Tags: sports/physical activities
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