kk (shiningbanana) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New user- removal issues?

Hey guys! I'm now an official cup user (well, I will be when I finally get my period). I bought a Yuuki, and although I got it in without too much trouble (punch-down) I couldn't seem to get it up very far before it opened, maybe just because I couldn't hold it closed. I can't feel my cervix, so I'm assuming I have a long vagina. Is it fine that it stays down so low?
Also, I had issues getting it out. I'm not a virgin, but I'm tight and sex tends to be painful, and I had trouble getting my fingers up far enough to squeeze it and break the seal without stabbing myself- I ended up just kinda yanking it out, which wasn't exactly comfortable, and probably wouldn't work too well if there was blood involved. Any ideas?
Thanks! I love how helpful this community is.
Tags: dry run, first time use, removal, yuuki
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