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I GOT IT!!!!!!!!! finally, im 13 and a couple weeks ago i got my divacup. at first i was so scared (since i still have my hymen) that it would hurt or that it would be really hard to get out. anyways i tryed for like 2 days nonstop because i was desperate and tired of tampons and pads. once i realized that it wasnt necesarilly  painful just uncomfortable i kept trying. i had trouble getting it in and popping open and i was so confused about how it sits against your body. so i got tired of trying and took a break for about 2 weeks to see if it would work any better later. so yesterday i tryed like........4-6 times when i finally i remembered that some girl on here said that at first it was a little uncomfortable and she felt a bit of pressure and how she just kept it in a little hoping that it would go away and it did after that so i tryed that i put it in and i did a little yoga and i was fine after that i even took it out this morning and it was working fine no leaking or anything and i put it back in this morning and i had no trouble at all i inserted it easily with the extrem 7 (or triangle)fold  it popped open surprisingly effortless and there was no mess and it was perfectly comfortable i didnt feel it a bit, i didnt have to cut the stem off and it didnt even hurt to take it out. i think i might even still have my hymen but i'll have to check. ive known about menstrual cups for like....2 years and i finally got one and its working great im so happy and i am never going back  to disposables

thank you so much everybody you have helped me so much and i am happy that i can now post on here as a menstrual cup user. im happy that i can feel comfortable answering questions without worrying about feeling like a hippacrit for answering questions and not even knowing if its completely correct.


EDIT: so i just realized something. whnever i go to my friends house i dont bring anything with me but sometimes im on my period and i used to have to pack a bag with just a bunch of random crap just to make it look like i have something else in there besides tampons and now i dont have to run around my house looking for stuff that seems like a normal thing to bring to a sleep over. its actually kinda funny cause once i was at my friends house and i needed to change my tampon so i went up to her room to get one from my bag and her mom was being all suspicious like i was gonna steal something or something. ha ha.

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