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"Advice to the new Kid" :) Please?

Hi Everyone! ^^ I found this site through gurl.com, because they started talking about cloth pads, and menstrual cups. So for about two months now, I've been cruising around, trying to find the 'right' Cup for me...But I thought I maybe able to get some help from some of you, who have had experience with them.
Here is some basic information, that may help you help me hehe :
1. I have PCOS...(Does that really matter?)
2. My periods last for months, not a couple days, but for months, then go for a couple months, then come back (I need to go to the OB/GYN, which I am soon)
3. I am a virgin. I have NO hymen, or only a little bit left, but my vagina is small.
4. Tampons irritated me so bad, and that is what caused my hymen to break.
5. I do bleed heavy, sometimes, other times it will stop for a couple hours, and then start back up (Is it OK to wear a Cup even if you aren't bleeding for a couple hours?)
6. I am a heavy set girl, who is scared of the Cup getting "stuck" or lost inside me. They have suction to them, so because of my weight, when I sit down, would that push it up, to the point of wear I couldn't get to it?
7. I am 17.

And that's about it! So if anyone can PLEASE help me with my frustrating search for the right Cup, I would greatly appreciate it! 

P.S. Because I am underage, I know a lot of people maybe iffy of talking to a minor, so just to let you know, my mom and me are very open with each other about this stuff, and she knows I am searching for a Menstrual Cup. :)
Tags: buying decisions, disabilities & health problems, virginity
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