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Today I grossed out my entire class

... Which is only made up of 10 people. Still, it was funny. My teacher, who is 28 just became a mom, so I offered to exchange some interesting links with her. When I was choosing them, I also decided to tell her about menstrual cups. She was really interested. Fast foward to today. She told in class that if we search online we might find new interesting things, and asked for my permition to talk about menstrual cups. I quickly explained what they were, how to use them, even drew a sketch. Everything was fine until I mentioned that you don't throw it away during the cycle. The whole rinse and re-insert grossed them out completely and one of them (who was in her 40's can't blame her for having some misconceptions) said it was totally unsanitary.

My reply? "So you're saying that it's better to get TSS from a tampon or sit in a bacteria-infested disposable pad than use a cup?"

She said it was... grrrrrrrrrr
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