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Another newbie hoping to demystify cups

Hi ladies! I have been wanting to try a cup for the last few years, but have never gotten around to it. Now, I'm ready to take the plunge after reading a post on another community where several members sang their praises of menstrual cups.

Initially I was going to order a Diva Cup, but after perusing this community, I've realized that there are so many choices out there. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the information. So maybe some of you could give your input as to which cup I should use?

Judging from the other posts here, I'd say i have a long vagina. I have fairly large hands and I can insert my index finger all the way up to the knuckle without touching my cervix.
My initial flow tends to be very heavy. The first 2-3 days I use super plus tampons that I have to change every few hours.
As for the width of my vaginal canal, it's pretty small. So I have a long and thin vagina with a heavy menstrual flow. Would the Diva be right for me or should I choose another product?

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