missdark (missdark) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Selecting a size of Ladycup

I've been doing quite a bit of research lately and I'm interested in purchasing a Lotos Ladycup. I checked my size now at the end of my period and I'm about 2 inches deep as far as my vaginal entrance to the end of my cervix. I also have a very heavy flow as I have a Paragard IUD. I know I'll need to break the seal well so as to be sure that I don't mess up my IUD, and I also need to be careful not to pull on my strings as I remove the cup.

My original thought was to get a large Ladycup, but now I am thinking of getting a small Ladycup and just emptying more often since I'm only 2 inches deep. But, I don't know if getting the large Ladycup and letting my cervix sit partly into it is how it's supposed to be done or if the cup should sit below it.

Clearly this is my first cup, and I want to do this right.
Tags: buying decisions, sizes/size issues
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