k (quellers) wrote in menstrual_cups,

looking for older cup users

Hi ladies,

I'm a history PhD student working on an article-length history of the menstrual cup to submit for publication at the end of the semester. I think it would be fantastic to speak with some women who used cups prior to their current increase in popularity -- basically anyone who used one earlier than the 2000s, the longer ago the better. I am especially interested in Tassaway or Tassette users, but earlier Keeper adopters would be just as helpful to hear from (or, this is a huuuge stretch, Daintette). Getting actual users' voices for this history is really important, otherwise my sources are mostly advertisement-based and focused on the manufacturers.

I vaguely remember a comment here and there in this community where people would say things like, 'oh yeah, I talked to my mother about my cup and turns out she used one back in the day!' I could be completely misremembering that, but if anyone here knows someone (or is someone) who used one a while back, I would love to hear from them. Interested folks should email me at kelly.odonnell (at) yale.edu. I can arrange for free coffee/tea in either New Haven or New York for locals, or a casual chat over the phone, or the very shy/busy can correspond with me via email.

Thanks, Kelly
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