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Some Cup Questions

I've been to the sizing chart a million times, looking it over and I still can't decide which new cup to buy.

I am currently using (and have been for the past 18 months) a large size Diva cup. However, even with the stem cut off, it was too long, so I wear it inside out. That kind of screws up things when I look at the sizing chart, especially because when the Diva is inside out, I can push the middle of the cup inwards/upwards to make it even shorter if I'm having a low cervix day. So an inside out Diva is fairly flexible length wise.

Also, I usually have a day and a half of heavy flow, where I empty my Diva every 2 hours or so. But then I have about 5 days of really slow flow. Sometimes it even stops for a day, then I get a couple gushes the next day, so I leave it in for quite a long time.

However, it isn't really working for me anymore. I don't want to wear my cup inside out, I want a cup that just fits. So...

1. If you've been an inside-out Diva wearer, what other cup worked for you?

2. Does anyone have a seperate cup for light days and heavy days? Does it make sense to have a smaller cup for those days and use a bigger one the other days? Maybe I should stick to the inside out Diva for heavy days, and buy a shorter (but still wide) light days cup. Or is this completely ridiculous?

3. How long can you expect to use a cup, years wise? As in, does a Diva cup last 2 years, 10 years? Mine has always been lovely and not smelly or anything (it's stained sightly yellowish, but that doesn't bother me), but suddenly this period it smells like a dead sea urchin left in the sun for a week. The blood IN the cup doesn't smell; it's in the silicone. I boiled it and that did nothing. I'm going to try putting it in the sun and hydrogen peroxide too (not at the same time). (Edit: it must've just been yesterday. It smells fine today, but I washed it with veingar and then brushed it with toothpaste and a toothbrush just to make sure. It smells fine now). But do you long time users find that after a while you toss yours and go for a new one, or do you just keep the same one, like forever?
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