Abbi (ickle_abbikins) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Divacup user with a few questions.

Hey guys I just started using the small Diva and it's going decently so far but I have a couple questions. When I'm trying to insert it's difficult to keep it folded long enough to get it past my pubic bone. It pops open before (which hurts a little) and gets messy again so I have to keep rinsing it and flushing the holes (imagine waddling back and forth toilet to sink with my pants around my ankles). I've been using the punch down, are there any folds that are easier to hold tight at the bottom of the cup? Also I know it is popping open but it's not perfectly rounded out in my vagina it's squeezed in a little bit, is that normal? And finally when I go back to school I'll share a bathroom with 3 other girls and the toilet is a stall in the bathroom, which makes it kinda like a public toilet. How do you guys flush the holes other than squeezing water out through them?
Tags: cleaning - public, dorms, insertion - painful or problems

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