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Narrow vaginal canal

Hello all,

I've been researching menstrual cups and trying to find one that would seem good for me. I am 17 years old, still a virgin, quite petite, and apparently have a very small/tight vaginal canal (more on this in a minute). I'm so far considering the Mooncup UK, in the smaller size B, since it seems to be narrower than the others.

However, my concern is that I won't be able to insert the cup into my vaginal canal. Sorry for somewhat explicit information here, but I need a bit of advice, encouragement, etc. Basically, I've never had penetrative sex, and I can at most insert one finger into my vaginal canal, and although it gets inserted quite deep (7-8 cm), trying to insert a second finger is quite uncomfortable and I've never really been able to do it, even with plenty of lube. Quite frankly, it feels like the vaginal opening itself isn't wide enough to take in more than a finger. So if I can't even insert two fingers, I'm wondering how on earth I'm going to be able to insert a menstrual cup in there.

Has anyone else been in the same position? Does the vagina widen out eventually? Should I do some sort of kegel or hymen stretching exercises? Should I "prep" the vaginal canal by trying to penetrate it with fingers or other instruments first?

Thanks very much, and apologies if this information is too explicit.
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