danielle76 (danielle76) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva cup hurts

 I received my Diva cup a few months ago.  At first I loved it!  But the second day I started to feel bloated and have sharp pains (inside) with a constant burning.  I could barely move, after crying while walking up the stairs, and contemplating going to the hospital, I decided to try to remove it first and see if the pain went away.  Well it did within a half an hour.  I did not use it the next month, the pain was still to vivid.  I tried again this month.  At first it was fine, but after about 8 hours it started to hurt again.  By 12 hours I could no longer stand the pain, so I took it out.  It feels like my uterus is on fire with stabbing pains.  It is not the insertion or the removal that hurts and the stem is fine.  I have the size 2 and have had two natural childbirths.  Has anyone experienced this before?  
Tags: allergies - silicone, chafing/irritation
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