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Ready to give up...my experience has been bad and it keeps leaking no matter what I try

 I've been posting here a lot due to a number of issues, but I'm finally  ready to give up on menstrual cups.  I've tried literally EVERY fold I could find and none of them work for me.

I have a medium MeLuna with a ballstem and was really excited when I first got it in the mail. I had tried it out before my period  started (dry run) and thought that everything was going to be great (until it actually started).

This morning, I woke up to stained panties, pajama pants,sheets,and had bled all the way through my mattress. Then I thought "Well maybe I need to try a different fold."  but that turned out to be a disaster also.

To all of the women on this forum who have had success with menstrual cups, congrats.  Probably the reason I failed at this is because my cervix is only a half an inch inside ...it's way too low and if I DO get my cervix into the cup properly, it protrudes out of my vagina and is really uncomfortable (but then when I push the cup further inside, it completely passes my cervix).

P.S. I can't afford to buy a different/new cup right now, I could hardly afford the one I have now.

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