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Looking for another cup :3

I bought a DivaCup about two months ago after I had leaked through my pad one night and stained; my underwear, my pajama pants, my sheets, and my memory foam mattress pad. After I had cleaned up I went on my computer and ordered a Diva in a blind rage, "This'll be the last time I'm washing the blood out of my flippin' underwear!" I told myself. I had been reading about cups for a while, but I actually didn't do very much research on the actual cup brands, I didn't know there were so many. >>

The first period I tried it didn't go very well, I couldn't get it in. So I had to use pads for that week. ;___; But I didn't give up, I spent 30 dollars on this stupid cup and I was gonna get it in my vagina no matter what! The next period I tackled with a little more knowledge. I was able to get it in, properly eve, and with a little practice I was taking it out and putting it back in with greater ease. It was the best period I ever had, not exaggerating. I thought it would be harder since I never really use tampons. Some this I found out were that I actually have a pretty light flow. I thought it would be much heavier. My heaviest day was the first day and it took me 11 hours to fill the cup.

I was so please with my Diva that I'd like to get another cup, perhaps for some variety or maybe finding one that's an even better fit. I'm not exactly sure how high/low my cervix is, I haven't tried to touch it during my period. I know the Divas are the longest cup, but I'm sure that if I cut the stem off, I would be able to feel a thing. On my heaviest day, the stem was sticking out just a tad and pinching a little bit. Towards the end of my period, the cup was riding quite high and I could feel anything. I'm gonna cut the stem off of my Diva for my next period. I hope this gives a little insight to the length of my vagina, I thinks I have a rather long vagina to fit the Diva so comfortably.

I'm a 18-year-old virgin, just an fyi. I was looking at the other brands and kind of liked the Melunas the most so far. I reeeeally love the ball stem that they have and they come in orange ( my favorite color). I have a pretty light flow but decent length vagina and I'm not sure which brand/size would be best. Help?
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