_pianississimo (_pianississimo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Castile Soap

 Hello! (I did check the tags, though I might have completely missed this...)

Just got my DivaCup and I love it so far! (still learning the in's and out's...) 

Anyway, I'm probably going to end up cleaning it with just water (and boiling), but I'm wondering...if I were to use a soap, I'd like to use something all-natural. I did use my handsoap a couple of times, until I realized I can't use tea tree oil, and the soap has tea tree oil in it (and a few other essential oils).

So, I've heard a few people recommend Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild. Is this okay to use, even though the instructions say "no castile soap"? 

Should I just stick to water, since I don't want to use Dove/some other brand with synthetics?

Tags: cleaning

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