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second cup, and giggling about wine.

hey, cup lovers!

just a couple of things... I'm considering a medium meluna for a second cup. I currently have a femmecup and capacity isnt an issue, so I'm happy for a smaller cup but I'd like something with a less pronounced rim as its sometimes a bit unconfortable to insert/remove. I also ended up cutting the whole stem off so something a little less pokey would be nice. It's not that the femme isnt working for me, because it is, but I'd like to try one that isn't so big on the rim and see how it goes. Anyone got thoughts on this? Or if possible can you recommend a softer/less rim-y cup?

Also, on a more humurous note, my dad couldn't work out why, and I couldnt tell him why, but he poured me a glass of red wine the other night and I had a severe giggle fit because it reminded me of a cup full of blood :D
Tags: brand comparisons, femmecup, meluna
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