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Cleaning Question

I'm 20, not a virgin, and have FINALLY started using a DivaCup. So far, I love it!!! But I have a couple questions regarding cleaning it.
I've always been terrified off tampons because of TSS (my mom knows someone who died of it so it really freaks me out), so I was using pads for years. (Got my period at 11 then lost it from ages 15-17 because of a eating disorder, have been regular for over two years now).

Anyway, I got my Size 1 DivaCup at WholeFoods and my period began this morning. I used the DivaCup for about 4 hours this afternoon. I live in a dorm and washed it both before and after use with the foam soap in the dorm bathroom dispenser, which I thought was unscented. I just looked at the soap info, and it's actually "lightly perfumed." I didn't notice any irritation after using it for four hours, so is it okay to continue using the dorm foam soap when cleaning my cup? I might not get to the store for a couple of days. My only other option right now is to use the Aveda Rosemary Mint (definitely scented!) body wash that I use on a daily basis. The Aveda soap has never irritated my vaginal area, so is that ok to use to clean my DivaCup?

Is it safe to put my cleaned cup in the little bag that came with it even if I'm just storing it between uses during my cycle? I plan to use it full-time during my period, but want to start off gradually, doing several hours with the cup, then several with a pad, just to get used to it.

Thanks so much! This is a wonderful site and so far I love my menstrual cup!
Tags: cleaning - public, cup pouch & storage, divacup, dorms, first time use
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